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    來源:http://www.weudelon.com/  日期:2021-12-13
    1. Positioning of joined Deli
    As far as the cooking method of dishes is concerned, cooked food is a dish made of processed or blanched raw materials through prepared brine, red oil cold mix, smoked roast, fried and so on. Generally, it can be divided into three categories: pickled vegetables, cold dishes and spicy fried vegetables; Cooked food is popular all over the country, mainly marinated meat cooked food and cold dishes. It is simple, easy to operate and delicious, and is accepted by the public.
    2. Site selection and decoration
    The site selection and decoration design of the deli are very important. Choose places with large flow of people, such as busy commercial streets, community schools and large supermarkets. To open a shop and do business, we should not only strive to sell our food, but also win the reputation of customers and attract more repeat customers, so as not to become a "one-time sale".
    3. Open a deli to highlight its characteristics
    Where there are people, there will be dietary needs. There is no good or bad location. The key is to see whether there are people. In this regard, positioning is the key to site selection. Don't be greedy to make all the stewed cooked foods in the world. Know what you want, what your customers want, how much money you have in your pocket, and where the core competitiveness comes from? This is the premise of positioning. If you don't understand what you want and blindly "follow the trend", there will be little chance of winning. Deli features include the following aspects: brand features, dish features, service features, etc.
    Cooked food franchise
    4. Reasonable operation
    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Don't just think about being bigger and better at the beginning of opening a store. Large scale operation is on the premise of having that economic strength and management experience; If you don't have these or the conditions are immature, I suggest you start from a small specialty Deli. Because if you simply and blindly want to be bigger, you will bear greater risks.
    5. Reasonable price
    We should pay attention to the tidiness and cleanliness of the store, the pursuit of cooked food taste, the advantage of price and the enthusiasm of service. Everyone wants to buy good and cheap products. If you don't have good and cheap products, let your service become a reason to attract customers. This not only makes money, but also makes popularity, paving the way for long-term development.
    6. About managing clerks
    Remember! Don't scold shop assistants or quarrel in front of customers. A good shopping environment will greatly increase your turnover.
    7. Customer first
    For most franchise stores, service is a prerequisite for success. In terms of service, what kind of people your Deli mainly serves, their eating habits, consumption level, etc. you should collect as much information as possible. Don't stare at a customer, pester and introduce. Generally, you pay attention to enough.
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